This is a quick stard guide page and notes


FLOW OF USE Ashikaga Scramble City Studio Rules and Guidelines

Reserving Studio Lots.

  • Please apply to reserve your schedule by phone. We will communicate whether you can reserve or not.
  • If your schedule is reserved, please send a completed application form by email after filling in the required fields. If the application form is accepted, we will contact you to confirm the reservation. After that, the reservation will be established.
  • Normally, you have to reserve one year in advance.
  • If the reservation is confirmed, please call us two months before your scheduled date to let us know whether you want to continue or not. If we do not get a call from you, the reservation will be canceled.
  • Please give us a proposal of what location to use, the schedule, and other important information one week before the first shooting day. (If you do not submit the above items, we may restrict the use of studio lots or cancel the shoot.)

Tech Scouting / Location Scouting

  • Please reserve your schedule through email or phone. (If we have other bookings during your proposed time, we may not accept the schedule.)
  • Tech scouting and location scouting times are from 9:00AM to 5:00PM on weekdays.
    (*Tech scouting and location scouting are free, but the usage time cost is about 2 hours.)
  • If you need some pictures of tech scouting and location scouting, please call us before the scheduled scouting day.

Cancelation Fee

  • If you cancel one month before the shooting day, we will charge you a cancelation fee. And we will send an Invoice to you.
  • If you want to see the cancelation cost, please check the cancel fee section under “Price List”.

Entering and Exiting the Film Set.

  • You need to gain permission from our staff to enter the set. (Also when you need setup and takedown.) Admission without permission is strictly prohibited.
  • Please tell us after you finish takedown or exiting the set. Please exit from a set after you finished checking out using the “Application Form”.
  • We can accept only authorized personnel.
  • To prevent trouble when entering and leaving the venue, please be sure to have an attendant from our shooting staff with you. (For example: sponsors, press, casts, and extras.)
  • Setup, Preparation, and Shooting: You can use them for 24 hours a day, but please tell us your usage time before use.

Prohibited Areas for Shooting

  • There are some prohibited areas for shooting sometimes. We will tell you about them before they are used. But please ask about prohibited areas for shooting to our staff first.

Use of Vehicles in Facilities and Parking Lots

  • For vehicles passing through the facility, please drive slowly in all areas including the east side parking lot.
  • Please check with our staff if you intend to drive the vehicle onto the set.
  • Vehicles on the set are generally prohibited to pass except for bringing in equipment.
    Please ask our staff about vehicles for films.
  • Please move the vehicle that has been used for the above purpose to the predetermined position immediately after the work.
  • If you need to get in a place where vehicle entry is prohibited due to direction reasons, it is necessary to consult with our staff in advance.
  • We are not responsible for any accidents or troubles on the set or in the parking lot. Please resolve it between the affected parties.

Decoration and Processing for Sets

  • If it is necessary to decorate or process a part of the set for location, please let us know in advance. We will discuss it with our staff and agree to return it to the original state.
  • We ask you to bring back all the tools, materials, waste materials, waste, trash, and disused items that you brought to the facility.

Temporary Installations

  • Please check with our staff in advance if you plan to install a preparation room, green room, or a temporary toilet.
  • Please keep the temporary installation in good condition for safety, crime prevention, and hygiene.

Rental Equipment, Art, Decoration, etc. at Our Facilities

  • Before using equipment, art, decorations, etc. owned by us, please gain permission from our staff in advance. Use outside the set is prohibited. After using the rental equipment, please return it to the designated location.

Damage to the Set and Equipment

  • If the set and equipment are damaged, lost, or soiled, please restore them to the original condition. If it is not possible to return to the original condition, we will ask you to pay a reasonable price in consultation with our staff.

Safety Measures and Legal Compliance

  • Please comply with the Labor Standards Act, the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and related laws in all work performed within the set.
  • When using special vehicles or heavy equipment such as cranes, forklifts, high riders, etc., be sure they are operated by qualified personnel.
  • When setting up work scaffolding, intre, etc. within the set and increasing, decreasing the number of green panels, please use the specialists designated by us for the work.
  • If you need to shoot with a drone, please consult with our staff in advance, as it is under the control of Ashikaga City and needs to be discussed in advance.

Using Fire on the Set

  • You have to apply using the “Application for Permission to Use Fire” to a local fire station and a local police station in advance in accordance with the Fire Service Law. You can use fire after you gain permission from them. (Please submit a copy of the certificate to us.)Cassette stoves and smoke machines are recognized as firearms.

Electricity and Water

  • Please prepare a power-supply car for electricity supply.
  • There is no water supply. Please prepare a generator and use well water. We do not recommend it for drinking, so please bring drinking water.

Eating and Drinking

  • Please arrange food from bento companies or catering companies with our designated companies in advance.
  • Due to food hygiene management, it is strictly prohibited to bring in food other than the above. (Except for bringing your own bento and bringing presents in from talent.)
  • Drinking alcohol on the set is strictly prohibited. (Please contact us in advance for prayers, etc.)


  • You can not smoke, except in designated places. No smoking on the premises.

Trouble on the Set

  • We will not be involved in any troubles that occur inside the facility unless the cause of the trouble is our own.
  • If you have a serious problem or emergency such as an injury, incident or accident, please contact our staff immediately.

Discontinue Use of the Set and Equipment

  • If there is an act that deviates significantly from the above rules and guidelines, and if it does not improve after our recommendation, we will discontinue your use of the set and equipment even on location.
  • In case of discontinuation due to sudden bad weather, please contact our staff.